Oregon Adult Soccer Association

Reporting Requirements

OASA only needs match reports (within 48 hours) if any of the following apply:

Referees MUST confiscate the player's card and return it to the OASA office with a game report immediately.

In the case of Referee Abuse or Assault, game reports including full details of the incident(s)
MUST be submitted within 24 HOURS to the OASA office AND to the State Referee Administrator.

Leagues may have different reporting requirements.

  • Player Misconduct (yellow/red cards)
  • Player Injuries
  • Potential Referee Abuse or Assault

Complaints Against Referees

Contact the Oregon Referee Committee Professionalism Subcommittee to voice your concerns.

Become a Referee

Visit oregonreferee.com or contact the Oregon Referee Committee to find out more!