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Referee Information

Referee Information & Resources

Referees MUST submit a copy of each game report directly to OASA within 48 hours if your report includes any of the following:

*    When the red card is shown, you MUST confiscate the offending player's card and return it to the OASA office immediately.
**  In the case of Referee Abuse or Assault, game reports including full details of the incident(s) MUST be submitted within 24 HOURS to the OASA office AND to the State Referee Administrator.

Game Reports

If you have general questions about filing your game reports, please contact your hiring league(s) directly.


Referee Report Policy (for filing game reports)

Arbitro Política de Informe (Referee Report Policy En Español)


Fillable Referee Report Form (PDF)

Reportaje Arbitro (Referee Report Form En Español) (PDF)


OASA Policies regarding the play of games (rules)


Referee Recognition

OASA Referee Recognition Committee

Nominate a Referee for Lifetime Achievement

Nominate a Referee for a National Event


Are you a referee who is interested in working for one of our leagues?

The Oregon Adult Soccer Association and, thereby, all of our member leagues are affiliates of the United States Soccer Federation; as such, our leagues can hire only USSF trained and certified officials.

If you are NOT currently registered through USSF, please contact the Oregon Referee Committee for information about upcoming entry-level referee courses or to determine your specific recertification requirements.

If you ARE currently registered with USSF, you should contact the league(s) that you wish to work for directly, as our leagues hire their own referees at their own discretion.

Are you a referee interested in pursuing an upgrade?

Contact the Oregon Referee Committee for information about the upgrade process or visit www.oregonreferee.com. Best of luck!

Player Resources

Interested in becoming a referee?

Contact the Oregon Referee Committee (ORC) at coordinator@oregonreferee.com or check out the Committee's website at www.oregonreferee.com. The ORC trains and certifies Oregon's USSF referees, and they offer entry-level courses throughout the year.

Need to file a complaint against a referee?

If you feel that the referee for your game was not qualified for the level of play to which they were assigned, or you believe that a particular referee is just not a good official in general, you should direct your concerns to your league. Each league hires their own referees, and may choose not to use certain officials if they receive negative feedback. If you need assistance determining the appropriate contact at your league, let us know and we can assist you.
If, on the other hand, you feel that the referee for your game was behaving unethically (e.g. making unjustified calls out of personal feelings of favoritism, racism, etc.), your complaint should be addressed to the Oregon Referee Committee - Professionalism Subcommittee:

Oregon Referee Committee
Attn: Professionalism Subcommittee
4840 SW Western Avenue, #300
Beaverton, OR 97005

Please submit a well thought-out and, so far as possible, objective description of your experiences/observations. Remember that disagreeing with a call alone is not valid grounds for a professionalism complaint. Please include your own contact information (this will NOT be disclosed to the referee) and, if possible, provide names and contact information for others who may be called upon to provide corroborating statements.


Links to Additional Resources

FIFA's Laws of the Game

Gil Weber's Pre-Game Instructions

The Art & Science of Refereeing - a blog by Robert Evans

A Brief History of the Laws of the Game - an essay by Mike "Skipper" Goblet

Ask A Soccer Referee - your questions answered by USSF National Instructor Jim Allen


Flash animation tutorials explaining Offside and the Field of Play