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Red Cards & Suspension Information

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If you received a red card in an affiliated game, here is what you need to know-

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  • Your player card, which should have been confiscated by the game official at the time of the incident, will be returned to the OASA office.
OASA will hold your card for the duration of your suspension. If, for any reason, the referee failed to retain your card, you are, nevertheless, suspended from all affiliated play effective immediately. You should return your card to the OASA office as soon as possible to avoid additional sanctions.
Caution: Attempting to play while under suspension will result in an additional suspension of one year or more.
  • Per FIFA rules, for any red card you WILL sit out at least one game.
Only a game for the same team, and in the same competition, as the one in which you received the red card will count toward your suspension, however, you are barred from participating in ANY affiliated league or event for the duration of your suspension term. This means that, if you play for multiple leagues/teams, you may end up missing additional games which will not count toward your suspension. Contact the OASA office if you need further clarification.
  • The total length of your suspension will be determined by your league's judicial committee or the appointed tournament authority.
The league/tournament official will review the match report submitted by the referee and make a determination regarding an appropriate suspension per established guidelines. You should contact your league directly for additional information about their review process.
Once the OASA office has received the league's decision, we will mail a suspension notice to the address we have on file for you. This is one of the reaons why it is important that you provide the OASA office with a valid mailing address!
  • There is a $30 OASA administrative fee on every* red card which must be paid before you can return to play.
This administrative fee, institued by our Board in 1999, is non-negotiable.  For particularly egregious offenses, you may also be required to pay fines to your league.  League fines are separate from and in addition to the OASA red card fee. 
Please note: League fines must be paid directly to the league and proof of payment must be presented to the OASA office before your card will be released.
  • To dispute the length of your suspension and/or the amount of any league fines, you must file an appeal through your league.
Appeals must be filed in accordance with your league's established appeal procedures. Typically, the request must be submitted in writing and within a specific window of time (ranging from 2-10 days). Contact your league right away if you plan to pursue an appeal.
You also have the right to appeal the final suspension decision of your league to the OASA Discipline & Appeals Committee. For more information, visit our Appeals page.

When you are ready to pay your OASA red card fee, you may mail a check or money order, provide credit card information over the phone, or come by the office during our scheduled business hours and pay using cash, check, or credit.

Your card will not be returned to you until all of the following conditions have been met:

  1. your league mandated suspension term has expired
  2. you have paid your OASA administrative red card fee, &
  3. you have paid any league fines and provided the OASA office with proof of that payment

* The administrative fee is applied to every red card processed through the OASA office. Several of our outlying leagues handle judicial processing internally. If you play for one of those leagues, you must contact the appropriate league representative for details on how/when you can return to play.

The US Soccer Federation's Laws of the Game, identifies 7 send-off (red card) offenses:

Abusive Language
Denying a Goal-Scoring Opportunity By a Free Kick or Penalty Kick Offense
Denying a Goal-Scoring Opportunity By Deliberately Handling the Ball
Receiving a Second Caution
Serious Foul Play
Violent Conduct

FIFA orders automatic one-match ban for red cards
The Associated Press

ZURICH, Switzerland - FIFA will no longer allow players who receive a red card to
appeal a one-match ban.

"The referee's decision gives no space for speculation," FIFA President Sepp Blatter said following a meeting of the organization's ruling Executive Committee. "A player sent off by a referee has to serve one match of suspension immediately."

While unable to appeal the single-game ban, players will have the right to contest longer suspensions that can be imposed for more serious offenses.

9/24/2002 13:11 EDT

If you have additional questions about a red card you received, your suspension, or the appeal process, please contact our office.