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Affiliating a Tournament


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Are you planning a soccer tournament? Consider affiliating your event with OASA!


Tournament Sanctioning Request Form




Benefits of Affiliation:


By affiliating with OASA, your tournament becomes a part of the larger US Adult Soccer and United States Soccer Federation family of events. Affiliation with these recognizable national soccer institutions lends legitimacy to your brand and draws players who are familiar with the quality of OASA, USASA, and USSF events.



Your tournament will be advertised on the OASA website, the OASA Facebook page, and in the OASA office. OASA registers over 6000 players every year, and local teams look to us for information on upcoming events. Tournament information may also be included in OASA newsletters which are currently distributed to over 10,000 e-mail address and counting!


Liability Insurance

Gain access to premium liability insurance coverage specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of all of your field/facility operators and owners.


Player Protection

Every registered OASA player is covered by the USASA participant accident insurance plan, which ensures that every player has some baseline level of coverage should they sustain an injury during your event.


Player Tracking and Control

By registering your players through OASA, you can ensure that no player currently serving a suspension through a local league will be allowed to participate in your event. Moreover, your referees can prevent any player ejected during a tournament match from participating further until an appropriate “suspension” or other “sanction” has been satisfied by confiscating that player's pass.



Conditions of Affiliation:

There is NO COST to affiliate a tournament with OASA, however, there are a few requirements.

Please read through this section carefully before submitting a Tournament Affiliation Request and contact our office if you have any questions about these requirements.


You must agree to follow all applicable OASA, USASA, USSF & FIFA rules, specifically including:

  1. All players must be registered through a USSF/FIFA affiliated entity such as OASA, OYSA, WSASA, etc. For additional information about which types of player passes will be accepted at affiliated events, please click here.
  2. Each player must sign a waiver, and those under 18 years of age must also submit a parental liability waiver.
  3. All referees must be registered with USSF, or if from outside the US, be given written permission to attend by their FIFA association.
  4. The referee assignor must be a USSF registered referee assignor.
  5. Event organizers must submit the tournament details to OASA, including dates, format, location, and any additional related information, by the deadline (if a deadline is applicable).
  6. Applicable permits and licenses (particularly field permits) must be obtained for your event and copies should be provided to OASA prior to the tournament.
  7. Submit a post-tournament report to OASA within 7 days of event conclusion, containing the following:
    1. A list of any players who received red cards during the tournament, including their player card numbers
    2. Copies of the waiver forms, including parental waivers for any players under 18 (as referenced above)
    3. A report detailing the number of participating teams, including contact information for each team manager
    4. A written report from the referee of any game in which injuries occurred noting details of the incident
    5. Any other unusual incidents or items of interest should also be reported
    6. OASA may require referee reports for each game; you will be notified in advance if this is to be the case

                  Now that you know what you can gain,
                                                        are you ready to affiliate your tournament?


Please submit a completed OASA Tournament Affiliation Request Form to get the process started. Requests can be submitted by the online form, fax to (503)297-4513, by e-mail to player@oregonadultsoccer.com, or through standard mail to the following address:

Oregon Adult Soccer Association
1750 SW Skyline Blvd, Suite 121
Portland, OR 97221

Tournament Passes

If you are concerned that many of your participants may not be currently registered through an affiliated entity and that the cost of an OASA player card might be prohibitive, consider offering tournament passes. OASA can provide special passes specifically designed for your event. These tournament passes cost $15 each and are valid ONLY for your event. Players can choose to upgrade the tournament pass to a standard membership after the event by paying the balance for a regular OASA card.

If you wish to offer special tournament passes for your players, please contact the OASA office to make arrangements. Please see our policy on Special Player Passes for Tournaments for more information. In order to be considered, your request for tournament passes must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your tournament start date, as specified in the policy.

For additional information about which types of player passes are valid for participation in affiliated events, please click here.

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