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OASA Taxes

If you are not familiar with IRS Form 990, it is the return used by tax-exempt and non-profit organizations to provide the Internal Revenue Service with annual financial information. These details are used by government agencies to ensure that organizations are not abusing their tax-exempt status. Copies of Forms 990, for at least the past 3 years, must also be made available to the public upon request per IRS rules.

Since June of 2007, the Form 990 has required significant disclosures on governance and boards of directors. The Form 990 instructions also outline several recommendations for board policies and governance practices which, though not required, OASA has largely adopted where applicable. (See our Donation Information and Policies pages for more information.)

The Form 990 is prepared for OASA annually by our CPA firm. Links to past Forms 990 are available below by clicking on the desired tax year:

2018 2012 2006 2000
2017 2011 2005 1999
2016 2010 2004 1998
2015 2009 2003  
2014 2008 2002  
2013 2007 2001  

Note: In 2009, OASA changed our fiscal year, previously running September 1 through August 31, to the calendar year (i.e. January 1 - December 31), hence, the 2009 tax documents above represent a short year.

For help understanding these documents, you may want to reference the article "How to Read the New IRS Form 990" (dated 2011).