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Meeting Minutes

Law requires every non-profit corporation to keep a record of any meetings in which the power/responsibility of decision-making is executed. These typically include membership meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, and/or meetings of the Executive Committee(s). Such records are called minutes. These documents demonstrate that an organization is doing business and acting in accord with its mission and bylaws. In short, the minutes are the legal record of the corporation's decisions. It is important to note, the minutes record what happened at a meeting, not what was said.

Apart from the legal obligation, it makes sense to keep accurate and concise minutes, as they can: serve as a reminder of decisions, assignments and deadlines; summarize the meeting for people who were unable to attend; create a history of the organization, detailing what was done, when and by whom; provide evidence in a financial or performance audit; and/or serve as evidence in the event of a lawsuit.

OASA keeps minutes of the meetings of our Board of Directors and our Executive Committee, which are prepared as follows:

  1. The Board Secretary takes notes during the meetings and then prepares a draft of the minutes.
  2. The draft is reviewed by the President who may make revisions.
  3. A second draft is prepared and then sent (typically, via e-mail these days) to all members of the Board of Directors for review before the next meeting.
  4. The Board votes to approve the minutes at which point they become "final" and are posted here for viewing. 
  5. A meeting summary may be posted prior to the minutes being finalized, however, the summary should be considered informational only.

Recent Minutes

June 6, 2018
Pending Approval


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