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Affiliating a League


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We think the best reason for a league to affiliate with OASA is to become a part of the world soccer family.

Our affiliated leagues, teams, and players take pride in being part of the same organization that fields US Men’s & Women’s National teams and sends players to World Cup tournaments and to the Olympics. But, of course, that’s not the only benefit. In addition to entering into that partnership with local, national, and international soccer bodies, our members can also rely on the protection provided by an extensive package of insurances, while receiving a range of professional support services through the OASA office.

Here’s what your league will gain…




  Ready to affiliate?

Here’s what you'll have to do…

  1. Pay an annual affiliation fee of $100
  2. Tell your players that they must register with OASA (current player registration cost is $45/year)
  3. Provide OASA with contact information for each registered team (e.g. the team manager’s e-mail)
  4. Use only USSF trained and registered referees
  5. Use a USSF trained and registered referee assignor*
  6. Follow all applicable OASA, USASA, USSF, and FIFA bylaws, rules, procedures and decisions

That’s it. Pay a small annual fee, send your players our way, agree to work only with USSF trained referees and assignors, and follow the rules. Pretty easy, right?

We strive to give our member leagues the largest possible benefit while imposing the fewest possible burdens, and we feel confident that affiliating with OASA makes things significantly easier for our members.
Don’t believe us? Ask our leagues!
See our Member Leagues page for a complete list of our partners around the state.

When you're ready, please submit a completed Affiliation Request Form to:
      Oregon Adult Soccer Association - 1750 SW Skyline Blvd, Suite 121 - Portland, OR 97221 - player@oregonadultsoccer.com

* If your current/preferred assignor is not USSF certified, we can help. You will NOT be required to switch assignors mid-season or to hire someone you’ve never met; we can work with you and the Oregon Referee Committee to get your assignor the training he/she will need to continue on as your go-to person. We ask only that you make an effort to get your assignor certified as soon as possible.

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